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Lookout tower Dobrá Voda

A new star has recently emerged on the stage of Czech lookout towers. It's a beautiful metal-structured lookout tower that rises above the only town on the left bank of Lake Lipno – Horní Planá. From it, you can observe the upper part of Lake Lipno, the Boletice military area, and enjoy breathtaking views of the Smrčina, Třístoličník, or the highest peak of the Czech-Austrian part of the Šumava Mountains - Plechý, with an elevation of 1378 meters. On clear days, you can even catch a glimpse of the Alps.

Lookout tower Dobrá Voda

We chose to visit the Dobrá Voda lookout tower (862 meters above sea level) above Horní Planá for several reasons. It's one of the few options for a lookout tower excursion that can be managed by almost anyone. It is very easily accessible, and the path to it is quite short, making it suitable for elderly individuals, small children, or parents with strollers.

If you have a small child or have decided to take your grandparents for a walk, we recommend driving as close as possible. You can park a short distance from the open-air cinema. Taking the train for the trip also has its charm, but due to the location of the train station, be prepared for a bit of walking. However, before leaving the square, you can reward yourself at the local renowned Kynutá Buchta café, which offers an abundance of guaranteed fresh delicacies. Hardly anyone can resist. Believe that as a family trip planner, you will score with all members of the expedition this time. Right next to the open-air cinema and the announced lookout tower, you will find not only a well-maintained cemetery but also a peaceful reserve where a fairly numerous herd of deer grazes. You can see not only the majestic antlers of large stags but also the graceful movement of hinds. The animals are used to passing tourists, so if you're lucky, they might even observe you from behind the fence. It's tempting, but don't feed the game; you are protecting their lives and health.

You can continue with a tour of Adalbert Stifter Park, where, near his statue, you can relax on one of the benches in the tranquil tree-lined avenue and potentially enjoy your own snacks. The city representatives have thought of everything, so there are well-placed trash cans available. A small botanical excursion will delight all nature lovers, and not only children can learn to recognize various tree species. For example, various types of pine trees and other conifers or majestic linden trees are marked here. Do you remember from school that there are several species of linden?

Just below the lookout tower, you will find a well-maintained well, benches for sitting or lying down, and a pilgrimage Catholic church of Our Lady of Sorrows, known as "mons Vitkonis" in medieval times. The church was built on the site of the original wooden chapel from 1760 in the late Baroque style, and its construction was completed in 1779. Lovers of sacred tourism will certainly appreciate that the sculptural and carving work was overseen by Leopold Hueber from České Budějovice, and the organ located inside the church was declared a national cultural monument in 1993. The church was renovated between 1993 and 1997, and it is mentioned in Adalbert Stifter's story "The Christmas Tree."

Now, all that's left is to climb the spiral staircase with about 160 steps to the top of the lookout tower itself. It stands at a height of 36 meters, with the first floor at 26 meters and the second at 32 meters. The ascent is intended for those with a stronger disposition and brave children. The staircase consists of grated steps lined with handrails, so it can make your head spin and your knees shake easily. The lookout tower, designed to resemble the local glassmaking history, crowns Stifter Park mentioned earlier. The original plan for a wooden structure was abandoned due to the harsh weather conditions on Lake Lipno, and that was definitely a good decision. The lookout tower will be better equipped to withstand local conditions. In the past, there was the so-called "Paraplíčko," a circular sheltered space with benches. People often gathered here after mass at the aforementioned church, and right next to the lookout tower, there is a cross with a small bench for meditation.

If you set out on this trip in the morning and have the desire, time, and willingness to take a longer walk, we recommend the nearby Jezerní vyhlídka lookout tower, which we will tell you about in one of our upcoming trip tips.

GPS - Dobrá Voda: N 48°46.35000', E 14°1.95978'

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