Manta5 Lipno World Race

Manta5 Lipno World Race


Manta5 Lipno World Race took place throughout the summer in the Jestřábí camp, also thanks to our sports rental shop, in which the main prize was the Manta5 hydrophoilic e-bike. The winner's ceremony and the awarding of medalists took place on Sunday 17th of October. In short, also the second and third riders were fully satisfied. City Boss and Street Surfing e-scooters are an award for their efforts.

Prizes worth 263 thousand CZK were donated by Epicsport CZ.
Thank you to the main partner and congratulations to the winners!


Saturday 06/12/2021 to Sunday 09/26/2021

START: Individual - camp Jestřábí I. jetty

FINISH: yellow buoy a camp Jestřábí I. jetty


Applications HERE or personally at the place of start in camp Jestřábí.


At the place of start! To be able to race, personal attendance of racers at the reception of camp Jestřábí I. is necessary. The racer will receive complete instructions necessary to participate in the race. By paying the starting fee, the racers agree with racing conditions of Manta5 Lipno World Race sport activity. Racer under the age of 18 will not be allowed to participate without a written consent of their legal guardian.


Manta5 Lipno World Race = 2000 CZK
The organiser reserves the right to release any amount of discounted starters.
The starting fee for the race includes: starting fee, race track details, safety instructions, getting to know Manta5 hydrofoil ebike and Garmin watch, souvenir.


Attendance is obligatory for all racers. The racer is obliged to wear safety life jacket while present at the race track. For safety reasons, during the race, racers must keep to recommended 5 meters distance from all swimmers, objects (buoys, jetty, anchoring objects, dam, etc.) and vessels.


Distance: 2,76 kms

Start: camp Jestřábí I. jetty

Turn: green buoy approximately 1,5 kms from the starting area

Finish: yellow buoy in the start/finish area


Start at the race track within 30 minutes from first attempt to start, the racer has a maximum of 5 trial starts, in case that the racer is unable to start, starting fee is forfeited in favour of race organiser.


Only racers of 16 years of age and older can participate in Manta5 Lipno World Race - the racer must turn 16 years of age on the day of the race the latest. The upper age limit is not set. Racers younger than 18 years of age must submit a written consent of their legal guardians at the place of start.


We recommend for the racers to ensure individual health insurance and insurance against damage caused by one's own person. The organiser does not accept liability for damage to property or health related to travel, stay and participation in the race.


Arranged by ORGSU TIMING system. Time of the racer is measured from the moment of a successful start all the way to finish. Thanks to Orgsu Timing and location monitoring of the device (watch) the racer is wearing appropriately on his body, the timekeeping automatically records the time of start, intermediate time at the turn and time in the finish corridor.


The first three racers will receive an award.

The winner will receive hydrofoil bike Manta5 in the value of 263 thousand Czech crowns, 2nd and 3rd place will receive e-scooters City Boss and Street Surfing.

The announcement of winners will take place at the race start/finish area in the camp Jestřábí I. on Sunday, October 17, from 3 pm.

Dear competitors,
please let us know if you will participate no later than Saturday, October 16, by 8:00 p.m. . If you have placed in one of the first three positions, it is necessary for you to come and take your prize. If you are unable to attend, you can send an authorized person on your behalf. Prizes that will not taken during the ceremonial announcement of the results will then be forfeited in favor of the organizer! We are looking forward to seeing you! 


Racers are obliged to wear, for the duration of the race, loaned watch, recording location and time of the racer. Racers are obliged to wear, for the duration of the race, appropriately fitted life or safety vest.

The organiser reserves the right to cancel or interrupt the race at anytime to ensure the safety of the participants. Especially in case of bad weather. The organiser also reserves the right to exclude racers from the race based on gamesmanship, alcohol consumption or use of narcotic substances before the start or during the race. Excluded racer is obliged to announce his exclusion to the racer organiser or his appointed person.


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