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The lookout towers Moldaublick and Alpenblick in Austria

The lookout towers Moldaublick (in Czech: Vltavská vyhlídka) and Alpenblick (in Czech: Alpská vyhlídka) are situated near the Czech-Austrian border (near Zadní Zvonková) near the village of Ulrichsberg, in the district of Rohrbach  and on the hillside of Sulzberg Hill - 1041 meters high. You will find these beautiful outlooks in the Austrian part of the Bohemian Forest and they provide you a breath-taking view.

The lookout towers Moldaublick and Alpenblick in Austria

The Moldaublick is located on the northeastern hillside and from there you can see especially the Lipno Reservoir and its vicinity including the castle Vítkův kámen, the Smrčiny range, Boubín and the mountain Kleť. This metal lookout tower is 24 high and you can get to its peak by walking up 137 steps. It was built in 1967. You can visit this place from April to November.

Roughly 2,5 kilometres from the Moldaublick, its younger sister is standing – the lookout tower Alpenblick, that wasn´t opened until 2009. This 33-meter-high wooden lookout tower was built in the region of Schöneben at the altitude of 1027 m. When the weather is good, you can observe from this spot not only the Alps, but also the beautiful scenery of Upper Austria from the small town Aigen to the mountain Plechý. The most beautiful and the clearest view is the one of Ulrichsberg.

Moldaublick (Vltavská vyhlídka) - GPS: N 48°42.16810', E 13°58.28068'

Alpenblick (Alpská vyhlídka) - GPS:  N 48°41,715' E 13°56.464'

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