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Horní Planá

The town Horní Planá is the largest and only town on the left bank of the Lipno reservoir. Its location can also be geographically described as lying on the interface of the Vltavická furrow (Vltavická brázda) and the Želnavské hills (Želnavské hornatiny), on the hillside of Houbový hill (Houbový vrch) at an altitude of 776 m, and therefore it is also the highest situated town in the South Bohemian Region.

Horní Planá

Horní Plana is a paradise for mountain bikers, but also for those who love sandy beaches. The town has a public beach, where especially fans of beach volleyball come to play. Until Lipno freezes, a ferry transports not only pedestrians and cyclists, but also cars to Bližší Lhota on the right bank of Lipno. This ferry is the seasonally longest working transport, which is appreciated not only by local tourists but also by tourists travelling to neighbouring Austria. It greatly shortens the length of the whole route. This is also used by winter sports enthusiasts who go to the nearby Hochficht ski area or to the cross-country skiing paradise Schöneben. In case Lipno is covered with a continuous, thick layer of ice, the ferry route can be considered a unique ice shortcut.

Among the sacred and historical monuments of Horní Planá, you can find the pseudo-baroque town hall from 1896, the Church of the Virgin Mary of Sorrows (kostel Panny Marie Sedmibolestné) and the church of St. Markéta. In the town, you can also find the birthplace of the writer Adalbert Stifter, today a museum worth visiting and many other sights associated with his person. In Horní Planá, the abbot of Vyšší Brod and the general abbot of the Cistercians - Leopold Wackarz was born.

The urban emblem of Horní Planá features a bear sitting on a green glade and holding a typical Rosenberg red rose in its paws. The other villages belonging under the administration of Horní Plané are Bližší Lhota, Hodňov, Hory, Hůrka, Olšina, Pernek, Žlábek, Maňávka and Staré Hutě.

The town adjoins the Boletice military area, and some of its parts are now available to the public. This is especially appreciated by mushroomers and hikers who love going for walks in the sweet mixed forests. Moreover, we have a surprise for cyclists - in the beginning of summer of 2017, the town will build a new bicycle path on the right bank of Lipno following the waterside.

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