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The village of Loučovice lies on the river Vltava between Vyšší Brod and Lipno. There used to be a renowned paper mill and the Vltava mill. Water sports enthusiasts know Loučovice very well. Every year, they pass through this wildest part of the Vltava River, which is also one of the most difficult water sports track in the world – it´s called the Devil´s Stream and starts before Loučovice. It is no coincidence the World Championship in 2003 and the European Rafting Championship in 2012 took place here.


The village is located in the important natural area of Lučská hornatina, 690 meters above sea level, in the valley of the river Vltava. The peaks in the area are usually over 900 meters high and the highest peak in the village is the Hvězdná hill - 1038 m high. The average annual temperature is only 6 ° C, in the higher located surrounding area it is only 4 ° to 5 ° C, and due to strong rainfall reaching up to 1000 mm per year, the snow cover stays most of the winter until early April.

In spring and summer, Loučovice offers a number of interesting hiking and biking trails. You can find several protected areas around the village. It is worth mentioning the Natural Park Vyšší Brod with remains of natural mixed forests and large rock formations, the highest of which is the above-mentioned Hvězdná hill, numerous mires and wet meadows and a system of natural watercourses made up of the Menší and Větší Vltavice Rivers.

Other natural landmarks around Loučovice are also the Uhlířský hill (Uhlířský vrch) and the 934 metres high Medvědí mountain (Medvědí hora), covered by a mixed mountain forest. Common bird species nest on the Medvědí mountain, but the only species with a strong binding to the old beech trees is the stock dove. You can also find the northern goshawk and the black woodpecker. About 3 km southwest of Loučovice there is a nature reserve called Mire Kapličky with an area of approx. 73 hectares. These vast wetlands are made up of several types of mire including forestless vegetation and forest vegetation. The Lipový brook (Lipový potok) runs through the centre of the reserve, and the eastern two-thirds of the reserve are covered with up to several metres of peat.

However, the most famous and certainly the most visited national nature reserve in the area is Čertova stěna-Luč, covering 140 hectares of land. It is situated along the Vltava River between Loučovice and Vyšší Brod. It was founded in 1992 by joining the national nature reserve of Čertova stěna on the right bank of the river with Luč on the left bank. The reserve was extended in 2005 to include the areas of the right bank and the section of the Vltava River between its stone sea and Loučovice.

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