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Přední Výtoň

The village of Přední Výtoň, situated on the right bank of the Lipno dam, extends to the state border with Austria. Přední Výtoň is just 6 km away from the nearby Lipno nad Vltavou and just 4 km from Frymburk, directly opposite the town of Frymburk. The highest placed Czech castle ruins Vítkův kámen are only 8 km from the village and only 5 km to the Austrian border crossing - Guglwald. It´s no coincidence that Přední Výtoň is nicknamed the "Austrian Gateway to Lipno". The history of the village dates back to 1377, when the first written mention was made.

Přední Výtoň

In addition to the Volunteer Fire Brigade with a long-standing tradition, we can find a curling sports unit, a game known since the 12th century. Přední Výtoň is connected with Frymburk, Lipno nad Vltavou and the dam of the lake with an asphalt cycling trail, copying its shoreline. For its top surface, it is used not only by cyclists and hikers, but also by in-line skaters.

The most interesting tourist attractions in the village include St. Philip´s and Jacob´s Church, a German school founded in the village in 1785 and the Czech primary school opened on 1st September 1947. Until the school was closed in 2001, it had been attended by about 1600 pupils. The school existed for 216 years in the village.

Even in the emblem of Přední Výtoň, we can see a red Rosenberg rose, which expresses the connection with Český Krumlov. An interesting symbol is the black raven, clenching a loaf of bread in its beak, and the common image of the tower with battlement, which is the symbol of Vítkův hrádek as the most important landmark in the area of today's village.

Přední Výtoň is not divided into parts, but it has five cadastral areas - Frýdava, Jasánky, Pasečná including Svatý Tomáš, Přední Výtoň and Zadní Výtoň.

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